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Official documents and legal procedures by country

Dominican Republic

Here are the all the details we have for Dominican Republic:

Embassy of the Dominican Republic

139 Inverness Terrace Bayswater London W2 6JF
Tel: (020) 7727 6214
Email: info@dominicanembassy.org.uk
Web: www.dominicanembassy.org.uk

Source: Foreign Embassies in the UK at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office web site.

British Honorary Consul, Puerto Plata

Calle Beller 51, Puerto Plata, RD
Tel: (001) (809) 586 4244 (001) (809) 586 8464

Source: UK Embassies Abroad at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office web site.

Wedding Information

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To get married in this country you will need to bring your original documents and photocopies thereof. English is not an official language of this country, so you will probably need a translation of the following documents to get married:

+ Statutory Declarations
Certificate of No Impediment, stamped and sealed by a solicitor or Notary Public. Valid for 3 months from date of issue.
Statutory declaration stating that both parties are single and free to marry. This must be stamped and sealed and state the words "solicitor", "notary public" or "Commissioner of Oaths".
+ Birth Certificate
Full birth certificate of both bride and groom required.
+ Affidavit
If never previously married, an Affidavit certifying single status.
+ Decree Absolute
If divorced, provide with a court stamp. An additional copy is usually required.
A divorce must have taken place at least 10 months previously.
Plus one certified copy.
+ Spouse's Death Certificate
If widowed, former spouse's Death Certificate and previous Marriage Certificate.
With a copy.
+ Proof of Change of Name
Proof that has been stamped and signed by a solicitor is required if either party has changed their name by deed poll or statutory declaration. This also applies if a previously married woman has reverted to using her maiden name.
+ Adoption Certificate
If either party was adopted, adoption certificate is required.

Other details required for legal statements include:

+ Full Names
Bride and groom's full names.
+ Addresses
Bride and groom's full addresses.
+ Occupations
Bride and groom's occupations.
+ Religions
Bride and groom's religions.

Parents' details:

+ Full Names
Full names of parents if not on Birth Certificate.


+ Residency
Minimum residency period, excluding day of arrival, in working days.
5 days. Clear days, as opposed to working days.
+ Passport
Valid 10-year passport of both bride and groom required.
+ Parental Consent
Notarised Statutory Declaration or Affidavit. Required if under 18, unless otherwise stated.
If under 18, in the form of a signed and stamped declaration from a solicitor.

Other notes:

+ Tourist Card costing 7 Pounds in UK (or $10 on arrival - be prepared for long queues)
+ Recent legislation may require further documentation, so be sure to check with the appropriate embassy

Legalisation of all documents is required either at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or the consulate of the country you are visiting. More information can be found on the embassy's Web page on weddings.

Marriages abroad are recognised by UK law only if they were were conducted in accordance with the local law of the country - although it cannot be registered at a UK register office. If there is any doubt about the legality, contact the Home Office before making any arrangements.

Seek advice from your GP in case you require any vaccinations or medical advice at least 3 months before departure date.


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